Study Norwegian Language in Norway

Apply for admission to Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger premises.

Note: Visa must be granted by Norwegian Immigration Authorities before applying for admission.

The beginner course is the beginning of your journey to learn Norwegian. You will learn to use the most common words and everyday phrases, as well as getting a basic, yet solid understanding of the language. 

During the course, you will build a vocabulary that is necessary to communicate in basic Norwegian and practice Norwegian pronunciation. 

Beginner students will learn about Norwegian culture and way of life as a part of the course.

A large part of the course is available as online video lectures and e-learning materials, or live online classes with instructors and students from all over the world.

You'll get

  • Live classes with teacher 3 days per week
  • Self-study materials
  • Weekly assignments with feedback from teacher

Beginner levels are online

Conversation training

Build vocabulary

Grammar explained in English

Reading & writing

Continue the course in Norway

The intermediate students can apply for visa and plan to move to Norway. Our admission office will guide you through the visa and relocation process.

The journey from intermediate to advanced level is the most rewarding one! Most students find the key to the Norwegian language when attending B1-course. 

You will gradually make use of correct grammar in conversations, as well as enhancing your speaking skills and overall comprehension.

Our fast-track courses aim at bringing your language skills up to the proficiency level required by most health institutions in Norway, which is B2 according to the Common European Framework for language references (CEFR).

Conversation skills training

Communicate in various contexts

Practice and become confident

Discuss and present your opinions in Norwegian with ease

Obtaining a visa to Norway

Obtaining a visa to Norway can be a lengthy process and require some paperwork, especially if you are from a country outside the European Union.

You recommend an in-depth reading the following informative links about visa to Norway:

SAK - Authorisation office for health personnel

NOKUT - Norwegian Education Office

UDI - Norwegian Immigration Directorate:

I would gladly recommend Lingu to anyone wanting to learn the Norwegian language. The teachers are wonderful, material good, class size perfect, premises great.

Inge (South Africa)

Go to Lingu! You really learn Norwegian and a lot about Norway! 

Hanneke (Nederland)



  • A1-A2 Fast-track online Norwegian language course
  • Introduction to Norway - 50 hours social studies for adult immigrants
  • Final exam: A2
  • A2 course certificate

Duration: 12 months


Application fee

Application fee: NOK 1850 (non-refundable)

The application fee must be paid when you apply for admission. Applications without corresponding payment will not be considered.

We only accept credit card payments via Stripe and PayPal at this point.

The subsequent course fees will be paid prior to starting your language courses.

Course fee

The applicable course fees will vary according to your course duration. Recommended course duration for students without any prior knowledge of Norwegian language is 18 months. 

If you already know some Norwegian, you can choose a shorter duration. 

6 months: NOK 19,500

12 months: NOK 37,000

Course materials: NOK 1900


  • B1-B2 Fast-track Norwegian intermediate level
  • Introduction to Norwegian health services
  • Career development workshop
  • Final exam: B2
  • B2 course certificate

Estimated duration: 6-10 months


Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge (formerly Vox). 

Norwegian Immigration Authorities require an admission letter from an accredited language school in order to approve your visa to Norway. Under normal circumstances, you will be granted a 2-year work and student visa, which allows you to work in Norway as well as study Norwegian language and other required courses for health personnel.

You will get a course certificate at the end of the course, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway

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